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The question frequently heard is, “Is my bank offering me the best terms for a loan?”

The professionals at Source Capital & Consulting know the lending markets and can provide assistance in finding the right source of financing for your needs. We have solved complex financing issues including:

- Funding for startups.
- Refinancing of maturing loans.
- Funding for business expansion.
- Funding of turnarounds for struggling companies.
- Equipment financing including leases.
- Partner buyouts.
- Working capital loan.
- Operating lines of credit.
- Non-traditional bank financing.
- Bridge loans.

We have worked with clients from Anchorage, Alaska to Bogalusa, Louisiana and from North Carolina to Arizona.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to finance a business. With extensive new lending regulations, bank mergers and acquisitions, turnover of lenders within the banks, concern of the effect of impending inflation and its effect on interest rates, businesses face almost insurmountable challenges when they seek financing.

We would like to talk to you! Contact Gene Thurston or Greg Newberry at (208) 350-6390.

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The principals at Source Capital have more than 65 years of experience in solving the business needs of their clients. In today’s market not all lenders are equal. Source Capital has experience in identifying the right lender that will match the needs of the business. Find Out More

Loan Packaging

Whatever your capital needs, SCC can tailor and manage a complete balance sheet solution from start to finish. Find Out More


SC&C offers a variety of leasing options for all business needs. Find Out More

Temporary CFO & Turnaround Management

At Source Capital we will provide the expertise of a CFO to provide financial oversight to your business. Find Out More