Turnaround Management

Is the bank threatening to call your notes due? Are you having cash flow issues or are you experiencing an alarming decline in your revenues and profits? With situations as significant as these, it is critical to meet the issues head on and as quickly as possible. The professionals at Source Capital & Consulting can work with you to develop a plan to regain profitability. If the plan includes a restructure of operations, SCC will work aggressively towards its success. If liquidation is unavoidable, SC&C will work closely with you to make sure that liquidation is effective in securing the best results.

The professionals at SCC are experienced is developing workout plans that involve the cooperation of the lenders that encourage lenders to standby while management re-establishes and implements a strategy that will return the company to profitability and again begin servicing the lenders’ loans. Occasionally it will be necessary to refinance the company and pay off existing lenders. We have the knowledge and the ability to prepare and present financing requests and facilitate the process through closing and the receipt of funds. The professionals at SCC are familiar with the primary and secondary lending markets and know which lender will fit your needs.

Please contact a professional at SCC for an objective evaluation.