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In farming, proper financing is as important as knowledge and effort to be a successful farm operator. I wanted to acquire additional farm property which was adjacent to my home place. After being turned down by my bank and after several attempts with other brokers, I went to Greg Newberry and Gene Thurston at Source Capital and Consulting, LLC.

Source Capital and Consulting helped me develop a financing package that reflected by unique needs for presentation to those lenders that they selected for consideration. The cash flow work that was developed from the tax returns for financing was thorough and clearly showed how multiple cash flow streams covered the desired loan.

This approach combined with multiple sources of financing allowed SCC to be successful with my request that other lenders could not figure out.

SCC kept me informed and worked closely with me and the lender to finish this project in a successful manner.

I would highly recommend Source Capital and Consulting for financing facilitation of your project.

Greg Hull


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