Working Capital Lines of Credit

Source Capital & Consulting works with both banks and private funders to produce both Business Loans and Working Capital Lines of Credit.

We are very excited about a new loan program that allows your company to borrow unsecured for working capital. This can be used to augment working capital provided by banks and other sources that have secured positions. Growing Inventory, developing a new Location, or borrowing to meet a large invoice, this can be the answer to your cash need!

Not every business qualifies for the unsecured line of credit, but a large number do and through a pre-qualification with SCC we can verify that you credit is meets application criteria.

The newest product that we provide is an unsecured Business Line of Credit that can be used with your current line of credit to increase working capital in your business. Rates on this type of working capital term notes start at 5.99% and increase with risk taken by the lender and increased payback terms (up to 60 months).

If you are interested in a unsecured, no lien, working capital loan. Call source Capital today at 208-350-6390.