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  • Lowering Your Cost of Capital

    Source Capital & Consulting has seen a vast array of companies. Each one is its own unique business that has unique characteristics. Some are in strong financial condition and some are not as fortunate. When it comes to interest rates funders want compensated for the perceived risk they are taking, i.e. Risk = Return Becoming bank financeable is extremely important for your business. Where historically most loans were made by banks, in today's financial markets ...

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  • Frankie’s Aerial Application, LLC – 2015

    Frankie and Jeanie Amen own a very successful aerial application business (crop dusting) south of Nampa, Idaho. Frankie's Aerial Application, LLC is a small business that Source Capital & Consulting had the pleasure of helping take flight in 2013. The Amens had developed a banking relationship that quickly proved to not fit their needs. Frankie and Jeanie met with Source Capital & Consulting to discuss their needs, options, ...

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  • Worry Free Manufacturing, LLC

    It is with the utmost sincerity and pleasure I endorse the strong ethics and capabilities of Source Capital. They have been instrumental in the financial needs for the growth of our company and have also given us much needed advice along the way. They always have our best interest in heart and have become great friends! Robert E. Brownfield President Worry Free Manufacturing, LLC

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  • Frank Arrufat

    Now that a month has elapsed since EAA “Airventure" at Oshkosh, WI concluded, I’ve had a chance to reflect what happened for me at that event. A good way to characterize the significance of winning Grand Champion Warbird at the biggest air show in the world would be to say it was a validation for me and also for you! For me, it was focus and perseverance and prayer. For you it validated and confirms your ...

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  • Residential Ag, Inc. Owner Greg Hull

    In farming, proper financing is as important as knowledge and effort to be a successful farm operator. I wanted to acquire additional farm property which was adjacent to my home place. After being turned down by my bank and after several attempts with other brokers, I went to Greg Newberry and Gene Thurston at Source Capital and Consulting, LLC. Source Capital and Consulting helped me develop a financing package that reflected by unique ...

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  • LTS Motors, LLC

    " Without Greg Newberry's knowledge of the financial industry we would not be where we are today. The combination of Greg's positive enthusiasm, his concrete relationships with lending institutions, and his knowledge of financing options out there add up to getting the job done. I felt Greg and Gene always had the best interest of me and my company in mind when trying to help our business grow. We needed to expand and they aligned ...

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  • Farm Purchase and Real Estate Refinance

    Source Capital and Consulting was engaged to develop a real estate acquisition plan for a Small farm adjacent to the main crop fields of an existing agricultural operation. After meeting with the client it was obvious that the value of the purchases was larger than what an appraisal at discounted values would support. SC&C then reviewed existing debt and found that there was also a problem with proper terming of existing real estate debt. The solution seemed ...

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  • Business Acquisition

    A twelve year employee of a local mortuary had a life-time dream of owning the mortuary but he felt that he would never be able to accomplish that dream because of his limited financial resources. He approached Source Capital & Consulting and expressed his desires with a request to assist him in exploring all alternatives. Source Capital learned that the sixty-nine year old owner of the mortuary had not been actively involved in the business ...

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  • LTS Motors, LLC. New Facility Loan

    Cory Adamson, owner of LTS Motors, LLC, needed a larger facility for his fast growing auto repair business. Cory approached his bank and was informed that he needed to show another year in business before they would consider financing the facility. In reality his sales were being hampered by his current facility. Cory contacted Source Capital & Consulting, LLC to review his financial statements and to assist him in securing the financing for this badly needed ...

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